Research lines:

Communication Policies and Strategies:

Ementa: Studies of communication strategies in public policies, non-governmental, associative and business organizations in the field of local development. Popular cultures and their different manifestations of hybridization of the "folk" culture (folkcommunication) and mass culture are contemplated; the media reception studies and the social intervention program, as well as the discursive analyzes and the impacts of the new information and communication technologies in contemporary society. These aspects seek to investigate the changes made in the daily life of the rural populations, verifying the importance of these technologies in the processes of local development.

Rural Extension for Local Development:

Ementa: Study of Rural Extension processes involving governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, associations, cooperatives, development councils, trade unions and social movements in local development; studies of popular participation in development, including issues of technological, environmental, gender and citizenship innovation, as well as Extension studies on educational processes in agricultural and non-agricultural productive activities.