Posmex had its physical area expanded with the acquisition of the room that once housed the secretariat of the Graduate Program in Teaching Science (PPGEC). Thus, the Program has a large coordination room and another room of equal size for secretarial work, as well as the classroom for 20 students and a living room, which has space reserved for five computers, with access to the internet, which are used by students of the program.




POSMEX relies on the university's computer resources, such as the Department of Education's computer lab and a study room for master's students with computers. The teacher / student activities are developed in the specific classroom of the Program and in the seminar room of the Department of Education. These rooms have projectors and computer resources, in addition to being air conditioned, have TVs, and other resources destined to the progress of teaching and research activities of UFRPE. It also has the laboratory of the Group of Research Development and Society - GPDESO - CNPq / UFRPE and the Nucleus of Agroecology and Peasantry - NAC.




POSMEX has a collection of updated bibliographies and periodicals available in the UFRPE Central Library and in the Department of Education sector library. The CASADINHO Project, developed in partnership with the Post-Graduation Program in Social Service of UFPE, coordinated by Professor Ângelo Brás Fernandes Callou and counting on the participation of the other professors of POSMEX, allowed the purchase of hundreds of books, expanding the bibliographic collection and POSMEX journals. Currently we can consider that the Program has a sufficient collection that meets its demands in the field of Literature on Local Development, Rural Extension, Communication for Development, Public Policies, Scientific Methodology, Classics of specific literature in the area of ​​agrarian, social and human beings.

It is worth mentioning that POSMEX students routinely use the remote access of the CAPES Journal Portal, from the Integrated Academic Management System (SIG @) UFRPE, which allows access to the journal portal, even outside the institution's premises. In addition, the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco has made available to the academic community the Ebrary Academic Complete system which is a virtual library that offers a collection of about 100,000 books in digital format with unlimited access. Covering all areas of expertise, the database provides quick and practical access to books from more than 400 major academic publishers. This platform was launched in 2013 and allows the user to download digital books for loan.