The Course

The Postgraduate Program in Rural Extension and Local Development (POSMEX) of UFRPE was created in 2004, in view of the significant momentum taken by the Rural Extension for Local Development and Communication Policies and Strategies for local development in the last decade, motivated by the changes brought about by the globalization of the economy and culture and, above all, by the demands of civil society, materialized in confronting poverty and new forms of social exclusion in popular contexts, including the segments of the Brazilian rural world. Since then, it has trained 120 teachers until February 2017, who work in various fields of Brazilian society. The graduates of our Program work in fields such as teaching, scientific research and public and private technical fields of work in various regions of the Country.

Thus, the program focuses on the teaching and production of knowledge capable of enabling communication processes that meet the demands of social inclusion, such as ecological issues, citizenship building, municipal participative management, environmental sustainability in rural áreas, new ruralities, rural education and training of farmers for the new demands of formal and non-formal education, gender and youth issues; of traditional and contemporary communities, such as family farmers, artisanal, indigenous and quilombola fishermen; solidarity economy; food security; of associativism and cooperativism; and the digital inclusion of popular contexts.